Scott McNaught

Scott McNaught

Scott McNaught is the founder and Managing Director of Synergy 8, an all in one software solution designed to help small businesses better manage their online presence and digital marketing.

Scott started his career as a software engineer but found himself moonlighting as a web developer. It was during this time that he discovered the problem that Synergy 8 sought to solve.

For a small business to properly execute a digital marketing strategy they needed a whole range of services, each with it’s own subscription and login. On top of this, integration between them was very limited.

Scott realised that by combining the best features of all of these different services into a single piece of software he could save his clients a lot of time and money. The idea was born, the software was built and 7 years later Scott is running a team of 6 engineers and developers in a business that’s going from strength to strength.

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