Kate Save

Kate Save - Co-founder of Be Fit Food

Accredited Practicing Dietician and Exercize Physiologist

BE Fit Food was founded by Dr Geoffrey Draper, a weight loss surgeon, and Kate Save, a weight loss dietitian, diabetes educator and exercise physiologist. With a combined 30 years experience in the weight loss industry, Kate & Geoffrey were always looking for suitable sources of food for their patients, food that was fully prepared, calorie controlled, portion controlled, nutritious, pleasurable to eat and convenient.

They couldn’t find this kind of food anywhere…so they decided to devlop it themselves, thus forming BE Fit Food.

BE Fit Food, has appeared on Channel 10’s small business investment show Shark Tank, securing a $300,000 investment by Janine Ellis, Boost Juice Founder.

Kate, a Mornington Peninsula local, will share the process involved in building a solid business model which then became an attractive investment to enable the business to grow and expand.

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